Theme Camp

Ages 4-12

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Camp For Ages 4-12

Theme Camps

Fast Facts:

  • 1:00-4:30 Monday-Friday. Sign up per day. 
  • Cost: $57 per half-day block
  • Bring snack, water bottle. Youngsters may need extra set of clothes just in case..
  • Wear clothes that can be tucked in and are easy to move around in. Bring shoes & socks for outside games.
  • Add a Gym/Ninja in the morning to make a full day. Lunch bunch will be included. Add Lunch bunch 12-1 for $10.

What is “Themed Camp?”

The afternoon portion of camp, from 1:00-4:30, is our “themed camp.” Our campers will be fully engrossed in the weekly theme, with daily variations to keep kids excited and engaged! Instead of a physical focus – like completing Ninja circuits or learning a cartwheel – theme campers will have a creative and play-based experience during their different rotations around the gym. Please read through the weekly descriptions for details about themed activities.

Does my child need to enjoy gymnastics to love Airborne’s camps?

No – kids can be successful & happy without prior acrobatic experience! Our themed camps are play-based instead of skill based, so even kids who have never been in the gym can fully participate! Groups are divided by age and kids are encouraged to try new things at their own physical pace.

Week 1

Bringing Books to Life:

May 31st-June 2nd

Get the summer started off right with fun-filled activities at Airborne! We’ve had great success translating movies and video games to our active theme camps, now we’re moving on to our favorite books!

Wednesday: Wings of Fire
Thursday: Magic Treehouse
Friday: Dr. Seuss

Week 2

Video Game Week!:

June 5th – 9th

Playing video games can be fun, but PLAYING video games is even better! Video game classics come to life as our campers get to live out the games they usually only play on a screen.
This is quickly becoming a fan favorite, and our staff just loves to guide the enthusiasm the kids bring every day. A week of creativity, passion, and tons of games and exercise! Just what today’s gamers need.

Monday: Pac Man
Tuesday: Sonic the Hedgehog
Wednesday: Pokémon
Thursday: Mario
Friday: Angry Birds

Week 3

Harry Potter:

June 12th – 16th

The wizarding world of Harry Potter is a magical place, and a highlight camp every year! The week starts by boarding the Hogwarts Express; the sorting hat will put you in a new house each day!
There are so many games to play and so
much to explore – your young wizard will be
creative, active, and excited all week.

Monday: Heading to Hogwarts
Tuesday: Magical Studies
Wednesday: Potions
Thursday: Fantastic Beasts
Friday: Magical Games & Flying

Week 4

Movie Week #1:

June 19th – 23rd

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Movies! Everyone loves to watch a great movie, but it’s time to get off the couch and get to playing – exercising both your body and your mind. We will be living the magic made in different movies all week – pick your favorite or embrace the movie marathon!

Monday: Despicable Me
Tuesday: Encanto
Wednesday: Jurassic Park
Thursday: Puss in Boots
Friday: Tarzan

Week 5

Knights & Dragons:

June 26th – 30th

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to be a knight, or to have your own dragon? Have you ever wanted to design your own castle, fight with “swords”, or try jousting? Well, young adventurer, we have just the camp for you! Bring your wits, you’ll need them to pull the sword from the stone, cross the moat to defeat dragons, and juggle for your life in front of the king! For nobles and peasants alike, a week of games, armour and dragons will surely fill your quest for adventure. Fare thee well, young Knights! (of course there are girl knights, she’s probably leading the Round Table right now).

Monday: Knights of the Round Table
Tuesday: Sword in the Stone
Wednesday: Day of the Dragons
Thursday: Jesters & Jousting
Friday: Castles & Quests

Week 6

Variety Week:

July 5th – 7th

With different themes each, campers will get to experience the best Airborne has to offer. Experiences will range from walking on stilts to chemistry experiments, and even learning Olympic Track & Field events! These excellent physical activities combined with imagination and crafts will get everyone in the mood for a great summer. Enjoy!

Monday: Closed July 3rd
Tuesday: Closed July 4th
Wednesday: Animal Planet
Thursday: Circus
Friday: Mad Scientist

Week 7

Pirate Adventures:

July 10th – 14th

Arrr-matey! It’s out to sea we go! Attention all scallywags and explorers: Are your kids interested in sailing the seven seas, swinging on a rope, dropping into the sea, and building their own pirate ship? The life of a pirate is not for the couch-potato – get up and active this summer at Airborne! Every day is a new adventure, and a new pirate joke of course!

Monday: What does it take to be a pirate?
Tuesday: Battle at Sea
Wednesday: Building a Pirate Ship
Thursday: Treasure Maps
Friday: Treasure Day

Week 8


July 17th – 21st

Come and enter the world of Minecraft at Airborne! Campers will be building structures, escaping creepers, and creating worlds of their very own all week. Just like the game but in real life, we will focus on the elements of engineering, physics, and mining, with different activities every day! Whether you love the game or you’ve never played before, this week will be full of activities every camper will enjoy! Gather the necessary materials throughout the gym to craft the special item of the day.

Monday: Maps & Mining
Tuesday: Creepers and More
Wednesday: Shelters
Thursday: Destruction
Friday: Food & Farming

Week 9

Star Wars:

July 24th – 28th

The Force will be strong in all who come to Airborne! Campers will be fully engrossed in the gigantic Star Wars universe. Our boys and girls will become young Jedi and develop their lightsaber skills, battle the dark side, and make cool crafts like the Death Star and BB8.

Monday: The Force
Tuesday: Lightsabers
Wednesday: Jedi Temple Challenge
Thursday: Spaceships & Droids
Friday: Mandalorian

Week 10


July 31st – Aug 4th

Superheroes live in an action-packed environment full of fantastic characters and adventures. Join the escapades and use your imagination to solve crimes and make the world a better place! We will find our superpowers and piece together clues to find the villain. Imagination is a must, as role-playing and thrilling adventure encompass the camper’s experience. Superheroes Camp is guaranteed to spark ingenuity and provide exciting escapades!

Monday: Spidey Camp
Tuesday: Super POWers!
Wednesday: Vanquish the villains
Thursday: Incredibles
Friday: Guardians of the galaxy

Week 11

Movie Week #2

August 7th – 11th

Welcome back to the Wonderful World of Movies! There are so many great movies out there- we had to add a second week.
Everyone loves to watch a great movie, but it’s time to get off the couch and get to playing – exercising both your body and your mind. We will be living the magic made in different movies all week – pick your favorite or embrace the movie marathon!

Monday: Charlie & the Chocolate Factory
Tuesday: Jumanji
Wednesday: Toy Story
Thursday: How to Train Your Dragon
Friday: Grinch

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