Competitive Teams

Participating on a competitive team at Airborne is a great spring board in life!

Competitive Teams

Whether your athlete reaches the highest levels of competition or never competes on the big stage, the benefits earned from participation in competitive and pre-competitive gymnastics and dance can last a lifetime! To be successful in any discipline of gymnastics or dance, athletes need a very wide scope of abilities including strength (lower body, core, and upper body), flexibility, and deliberate technique. The “seriousness” of gymnastics typically occurs earlier than in other sports; this allows athletes to develop in a gymnastics system and if/when the time is right they can take those talents to another sport or activity. We are striving to develop incredible athletes, but our first priority is developing incredible people.

Did you know? “Gymnast” is an all-encompassing term for any athlete competing in one of the gymnastics disciplines: Women’s Artistic Gymnastics, Men’s Artistic Gymnastics, Trampoline & Tumbling, Rhythmic Gymnastics, or Acrobatic Gymnastics. Airborne has competitive teams in Women’s Artistic Gymnastics and Trampoline & Tumbling, as well as multiple levels of Dance Company.

Personal Development Program

Airborne strives to strengthen our community & make a lasting and positive effect in the world through our Personal Development Program. Throughout different programs & levels, Airborne coaches use youth athletics as a platform for teaching life lessons including grit, resilience, honesty, and strength. We build our students’ confidence and character by teaching a growth mindset through sport and art. A growth mindset is the belief that you can always improve at anything, by putting forth the effort and using the right strategies.

We are also a proud member of the Powerful Words program – a comprehensive character development program developed by internationally acclaimed Child and Adolescent Development Specialist, Robyn J. A. Silverman, PhD. Each month athletes will spend a few minutes each practice discussing & practicing the character word of the month, under the guidance of Dr. Robyn’s framework.

This is a unique focal point at Airborne. Youth sports are so much more than just a physical activity and we are proud to be an integral part of the “village” that it takes to raise the next generation.

What Competitive Programs does Airborne offer?

Airborne has both an Xcel Gymnastics team and a Development Gymnastics team (formerly known as Junior Olympic, it was renamed by USA-Gymnastics), as well as a co-ed Trampoline & Tumbling team, and a co-ed Dance Company.

Xcel Gymnastics Team

Developmental Gymnastics Team

Trampoline & Tumbling Team

Dance Company

Pre-Team Gymnastics:

Begin Here, Go Anywhere!

Whether your athlete reaches the highest levels of competition, or never competes in that long-sleeved jeweled leotard, the benefits earned from participation in pre-team can last a lifetime!

Just think of how strong gymnasts are – your child can earn these benefits whether or not they end up performing high level skills. While most of our pre-team gymnasts make the decision to officially join team, the gymnasts who decide to take their training to other sports are better soccer/track/basketball players because of the strength, flexibility, coordination, and work ethic they’ve learned here!

Pre-team helps develop and prepare gymnasts for the rigors of their future team. Because Airborne has multiple types of competitive teams, we can ensure that every gymnast can earn a spot on an Airborne Team, but pre-team is still a vital part of the journey! These athletes learn about strength training, the importance of proper technique, increasing flexibility, and how to be a valuable teammate.

Success at Airborne


Airborne has a reputation of being a top gym in Colorado, and has consistently sent gymnasts to the National Championships – both in gymnastics and trampoline & tumbling. We have trained numerous State & Regional champions, countless varsity members and State champions on the St.Vrain High School Gymnastics Team. In addition to the above accomplishments, many Airborne gymnasts have earned full-ride scholarships, partial scholarships and walk-on spots to a variety of collegiate programs, D1, D2 & D3.

More importantly, Airborne has a reputation for maintaining positive relationships with former gymnasts, many of whom have become fantastic coaches and enrolled their own children at Airborne!


Airborne Dance has a reputation for developing high level dancers, many of which have competed Nationally and are now pursuing dance majors in college and are performing with professional dance companies.

Airborne Team ensures each athlete is in the best environment for their optimal balance of challenge & success.

Airborne Team coaches take pride in our honesty: we do not tell every family their gymnast will be an Olympic star because we want to please parents. We strongly believe that every athlete has a place on our gymnastics team, but we do not train every gymnast in our most intense programs. We strive to ensure each athlete is in the right environment for them to thrive.

Initial team placements are determined through our pre-team program or evaluation, followed by a trial period to ensure it’s a great fit for everyone involved. Levels are determined by athlete skill level, competition results, and consistent training in the gym.

Xcel Team

Airborne’s Xcel Gymnastics Team is a competitive program designed for gymnasts who compete in the “Xcel Division” of USA-Gymnastics. All of our first year gymnasts compete within this league, and most stay on the Xcel team throughout their competitive gymnastics journey. Participation on the Xcel Team allows for an excellent competitive club sport experience, while also leaving time for other sports & activities. A wide variety of gymnasts compete on the Xcel team; some gymnasts share their time with other sports, some gymnasts enjoy the self-paced learning, and some gymnasts enjoy the ability to train a variety of skills. Long-term gymnastics goals of Xcel gymnasts may include competing Varsity in High School.

Development Team

Airborne’s Development Gymnastics Team “Devo Team” is a competitive program designed for gymnasts who compete in the “Development Division” of USA-Gymnastics (formerly known as Junior Olympic).

Participation on the Devo team allows for an excellent competitive club sport experience, focusing on reaching full athletic potential through disciplined, intentional practice. Excellence is the expectation for athletes & coaches, with our focus on progress not perfection. Long-term gymnastics goals of Devo gymnasts may include competing in the NCAA. Gymnasts are invited onto the Devo team after participating in our Xcel team and demonstrate the strength, flexibility, gymnastics aptitude, and the courage required to become a Devo team member. As gymnasts age through the Devo program and may choose other activities or move back to Xcel, we celebrate retirements & send athletes on their way as empowered strong young women. Many of our gymnasts who participate in Devo through high school participate in NCAA gymnastics or begin coaching.

T&T Team

Airborne’s Trampoline & Tumbling team is a co-ed team for athletes who love trampolines, flipping, and tumbling down the rod floor. Trampoline & Tumbling is a program of USA-Gymnastics in which athletes compete on the double mini trampoline, rod floor, and string bed trampoline. Athletes on the T&T team either progressed through our T&T Academy class program or received an evaluation by the director. These athletes train between 6-12 hours per week and compete both along the front range and in out-of-state competitions. The skill level ranges from basic flips and combinations at level 5 through skills with multiple flips, spins, and extremely complicated combinations at level 10 and elite. Goals for many T&T athletes include moving up through the levels and competing at Nationals.

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Gymnastics Team Calendar

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  • Devo Optionals @ Level 9 Westerns
  • Golds @ Regionals
  • Devo Optionals @ Level 9 Westerns
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  • Devo Optionals @ Level 10 Nationals
  • Devo Optionals @ Level 10 Nationals
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