Airborne offers camps Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM-4:30 PM.  Half days and single days available!  Summer camps are offered every week, all summer.

Class for Ages 4-12

School’s Out Camp

Feb 16th & 19th, 2024

Class for Ages 4 – 12

Spring Break Camp

March 18th thru March 22nd, 2024

Class for Ages 4 – 12

Summer Break Camp

June 3rd thru August 9th, 2024

General Camp Information

  • All Ninja, Gymnastics and Theme camps are half day!  Sign up for morning and afternoon camps to make a day of it!
  • Ages 4-12-Campers will be grouped by age and ability.
  • Camp prices:  $57 per half-day camp.
  • You can sign up through the Parent Login on our home page, or stop by the front desk! Parent Portal Log In
  • Make sure to pack a snack and a water bottle for your camper.  If you stay for the full day, pack a lunch and our camp staff will supervise lunchtime!
  • Students should wear gymnastics attire and bring socks for the trampolines.
  • All students must be currently registered as a member through our website, OR have a current waiver on file, prior to participation.
  • School Year Camp Cancellation/Refund Policy: You must let us know a full week (seven days) before the camp begins to receive a refund. Cancellations with less than one week notice prior to camp, i.e. camper illness: You must let us know, via email or phone message, a minimum of one hour prior to start of camp, to receive a credit on your Airborne account for future use and the credit must be used within one year. If we receive notice with less than one hour prior to the start of camp, there will be no credit given.
  • Summer Camp Cancellation/Refund Policy: A full refund is available until June 1st. After June 1st, students may switch camp days up to the day before their scheduled camp, provided there is room in the day they wish to switch to. If your student is sick and cannot attend camp, you must notify Airborne at minimum, one hour prior to the start of camp in order to receive a credit to use towards another camp day. If you do not provide at least one hour’s notice prior to the start of camp, you will not receive credit or be able to reschedule.

Camp Schedule Information

Camp FAQs

What is Themed Camp?

The afternoon portion of camp, from 1:00-4:30, is our “themed camp.”  Our campers will be fully engrossed in the weekly theme, with daily variations to keep kids excited and engaged!  Instead of a physical focus – like completing Ninja circuits or learning a cartwheel – theme campers will have a creative and play-based experience during their different rotations around the gym.  They may follow clues left by a “villain” that leads them to bouncing time on trampolines during Super Hero Week, or creep around the balance beams trying not to be seen by the Basilisk during Harry Potter Camp.  There’s no sitting still and waiting around – this is a high energy camp!  In addition to rotations around the gym, there will be group games, activities outside (weather permitting), and a craft.  Please read through the weekly descriptions for details about themed activities.

What do kids do in Gymnastics and Ninja Camp?

Each morning from 8:30-12:00, we offer Gymnastics and Ninja camps.  Three and a half hours of physical activity is a lot, so we do incorporate slower-paced games, crafts, and group activities into the time as well.  These camps are skill-based, so we plan for kids to learn new skills and progress throughout the summer.  While the morning camps are a fun & worthwhile experience for everyone, more experienced school-aged gymnasts can attend our afternoon Advanced Gymnastics Camps to receive more intense gymnastics training specific to their individual skill level.

What’s the Advanced Gymnastics Camp all about?

This camp is geared toward students who want to focus on their gymnastics skills, and work hard to make a lot of progress this summer! Of course we’ll also have some fun each day.  Students must be between ages 6-16 and have reached GymStar 2 or higher at Airborne.  Perfect for students in GymStar 3+, and students who are interested in competitive programs. Students new to Airborne should call to schedule an evaluation.

Does my child need to enjoy gymnastics to love camp?

Our themed camps are play-based instead of skill-based, so even kids who have never been in the gym can fully participate!  Groups are divided by age and kids are encouraged to try new things at their own physical pace.

Our morning Gymnastics and Ninja camps are based on physical movement. We hope every child will build a love for activity at a young age! However, we try to ensure that campers are comfortable with the skills they are learning.  Our coaches know how to individualize skills at each station so that students are comfortable with what they are learning, and still feel challenged if that’s what they want.

What should my child wear?

Athletic attire – comfortable shorts and a t-shirt or tank top (no spaghetti straps or exposed midriffs please.)  Bring shoes and socks for outside games (morning dew sometimes requires shoes although the grass is soft and organically treated).  Girls may wear a leotard if they want to, but a tucked-in shirt or long sport top is appropriate for boys and girls. Hair that’s long enough to reach the eyes will need to be pulled back and secured for safety purposes. 

I have a timid child- will s/he be required to try things like flips or walking on a high beam?

Campers will never have to do any physical activity they don’t want to do. At Airborne, we are firm believers in empowering children to make choices and be the “boss of their own body.” Overcoming obstacles, like fear, is a great way for kids to gain self-confidence, and students will be encouraged to try new things (with safety as the number 1 priority). If a camper is still not interested in trying a station, they can attempt something more comfortable or just walk around the station. If they don’t desire to walk on a high beam, or want to skip an entire area, they will stay with their group (for safety and organizational purposes) but just watch or color instead of participate.

Are the camp daily schedules set in stone?

No, they are not. All schedules are subject to change without notice. For example, if we can’t get the materials for a craft or a subcontractor cancels at the last minute, the schedule will have to change.

Camp Calendar

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