Enrollment Periods

School Year vs. Summer

School Year vs. Summer

Our classes are divided into two seasonal programs, the School Year Program and the Summer Program. Our School Year program is set up to run through the entire school year – about nine months. Our Summer Program is set up to run June through August. In the summer session, families can select the number of weeks the would like to attend. For the School Year Program tuition is due monthly, but the classes are continuous – they do not run from month to month. When you enroll in a class in the fall we assume you will be in class until the end of May, unless we are notified otherwise. See our withdrawal policy for further information

School Year Program

In our GymStar, Ninja, and T&T classes, coaches continually evaluate students to ensure they are being challenged throughout the year. It is appropriate to add and drop at any point through the year. Students in GymStar, Ninja, and T&T classes can opt-in to our Winter Games to show off their skills to family and friends in January and earn ribbons & a medal! When you enroll in a dance class in the fall, this class will build through the year and culminate with the recital at the end of May. Students can opt-in to participate in the Winter Showcase held in December, and are automatically enrolled into the annual recital the first weekend in June (students can opt-out if necessary by the specified date in January). Dance classes will become closed for online enrollment on February 1st, and in-person enrollment will depend on recital costume availability, proximity to recital, and number of students in the class.

School Year Pricing & Payment

Fees for our school year classes are broken down into monthly payments, each covering four weeks of class. When registering for a school year class, you pay your $50 School Year Session Administration fee and your first month’s fees.

Payments are due by the 25th of each month, August through April.

Summer Dance Program & Pricing

Our summer program is billed on a flexible tuition schedule. The flexible tuition schedule allows you to take into consideration your vacations and other events and pay for only the number of weeks you will be in attendance. Payment for summer classes is due in full at the time of registration.