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Class For Ages 7+

Gymstar Gymnastics

GymStars classes are for girls in first grade and up and is based on Women’s Artistic Gymnastics. They will learn skill on the four Women’s Gymnastics Olympic Events: Vault, Uneven Parallel Bars, Balance Beam and Floor Exercise. GymStars will also train on trampolines and use the foam pit occasionally as well. (Boys generally participate in our Trampoline & Tumbling classes, but are welcome in GymStar classes as well.)

Gymnastics is an unsurpassed children’s activity for building fitness, developing spatial awareness, improving coordination, and plus it’s incredibly FUN! Through gymnastics activities, students conquer challenges and work through struggles learning new skills, which lead to life lessons in confidence, self-esteem, perseverance, and more! Our developmental class program is non-competitive and the pace is individual. Gymnasts will progress at their own rates, and need to master the evaluation skills in each level in order to move up.

Classes are 60 minutes long for GymStar 1 & 2, and 75 minutes long for GymStar 3 & 4. Your second class per week is at a discounted rate.

Fall 2024 Schedule

GymStar 1-1st Graders

Monday 4:00-5:00

Tuesday 5:20-6:20

Wednesday 5:10-6:10

Thursday 5:05-6:05

Saturday 9:00-10:00

Ballet/GymStar:    Saturdays 11:30-12:45

GymStar 1

Monday 5:05-6:05

Monday 7:15-8:15

Tuesday 4:15-5:15

Wednesday 4:00-5:00

Thursday 4:00-5:00

Saturday 10:10-11:10

GymStar 2

Monday 6:10-7:10

Tuesday 6:30-7:30

Wednesday 5:05-6:05

Wednesday 6:20-7:20

Thursday 6:50-7:50

Saturday 11:20-12:20

GymStar 3

Monday 6:55-8:10

Wednesday 6:15-7:30

Thursday 6:15-7:30

Advanced GymStar 3+:

Tuesday 6:50-8:05

Summer 2024 Schedule

Sweet Stars

Monday 5:15-6:10

Wednesday 5:00-5:55

Saturday 9:00-9:55

GymStar 1

Wednesday 6:05-7:05

Thursday 5:10-6:10

Saturday 10:15-11:15

GymStar 2

Monday 6:20-7:20

Wednesday 6:55-7:55

Saturday 11:35-12:35

GymStar 3

Tuesday 6:10-7:25

Thursday 6:20-7:35

GymStar 1

Entry Level Classes. Classes are 60 minutes long. Class will start with a 10 minute warm-up. They then will rotate through three events, 15 minutes each. Rotations will include the Women’s Gymnastics Olympic Events: Vault, Uneven Parallel Bars, Balance Beam and Floor Exercise. Additionally gymnasts will train trampoline, tumble trak and use the foam pit. They will end class with a 5 minute closing consisting of final stretch, strength activity, or final skills focus.

GymStar 2

Classes are 60 minutes long. These classes are by teacher recommendation only. Class will start with a 10 minute warm-up. They will have three 15 minutes event rotations, and end with a 5 minute closing.

GymStar 3 & Advanced GymStar 3+

Classes are 75 minutes long. These classes are by teacher recommendation only. Class will start with a 10 minute warm-up, followed by three to four event rotations (areas will include vault, bars, beam, trampoline, and tumble trak.)

Saturday Open Gym: 12:45-2:15

Open Gym is for students age 6-15. Students can choose a concentrated workout time to work on skills they are learning in their class, or they may choose open play time (or a mix of both!). There will be no formal instruction during this time, however, instructors are present to help spot, make corrections, and ensure safety rules are being followed. Saturday Open Gym is $15 for currently enrolled students and $25 for previous and future students. Saturday Open Gym punch passes are available for $125 per student for 10 visits! (Indoor Playground punch pass cannot be used for Saturday Open Gym). This may be used as a make-up for missed classes as well. Open Gym runs most Saturdays but please consult our website calendar for closures. We will be closed July 1, August 19, & September 2.

All participants must have an online account with Airborne, with our policies and waiver agreed to by a parent or legal guardian. If your child hasn’t previously attended a class or open gym at Airborne, please make sure a parent completes the waiver prior to the first time participating.

You can pre-register for the current week’s open gym through our Airborne Parent Portal. Pre-registration is closed at 8:30 AM every Saturday morning. You must agree to our policies online as well as put a credit card on file for payment. No refunds will be given for no-shows, but your space will be saved in case you are running late.

Ages 16+

Drop-In Classes for Adults

Whether you lived in a gym growing up, or you’ve just wanted to try something new, adult gymnastics is the place to be! For ages 16+, we start with warm-ups and basic exercise as a group and then transition to open gym. Coaches will be available to help you learn skills, manage equipment, and available if you need anything. Just like the wise George Bernard Shaw once said “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” Drop in rate of $20/class, punch cards are $80 for 5 classes.