Airborne Staff

Our teachers are specially selected and trained to safely bring out the best in each child.

Our teachers are specially selected and trained to safely bring out the best in each child. When recruiting staff members, we find that the technical knowledge of gymnastics, dance and teaching methods can be taught, but we cannot train someone to genuinely love working with children.

Although almost all of our teachers have personal gymnastics and dance experience, when we’re hiring staff we look for people with a sincere enjoyment of children, a high energy level, and a love of movement and athletics.

The goal of our programs isn’t to drill Olympic-caliber physical and mental skills into your child; rather, we’re here to instill a life-long love of fitness in your children. We will also help your children attain basic strength, balance, flexibility, and kinesthetic awareness that will help them excel in whatever activities or sports they ultimately choose to participate in. We do offer experiences for athletes who have the innate motivation, passion, and drive to become elite gymnasts, dancers, trampolinists & tumblers. We offer all types of paths for all types of athletes, and have the best, most qualified staff to assist them along the way.


Melissa Luedtke


Laura Amaya


Program Directors & Managers

Kim Miller

Office Manager

Micah Gaiter

General Manager

Alberta Shulman

Dance Director

Josh Ruman

T&T and Ninja Director

Academy Coaches

Ben Meyers

Ala Tulley

Marina Larson

Kevin Dykstra

Team Coaches

Hallie Penland

Emily Gynn

Allison Martin

Allison Aslin

Taylor Lefort

Jessica Hirsch-Carton

Al Arias

Emily Ursey

Verity McArthur

Maddy McQueen

Dana Etherton

Dance Instructors

Karolina Blonski-Heflin

Drew Heflin

Elena Kramda

Skylar Burns

Evvie Bowman

Sophie Childress

Hannah Lechman

Maggie Foster

Ana Cruz

Hannah Smith