About Us

We have something for everyone! Wee Pea classes for babies, trampoline for teenagers, single afternoon camps, elite competitive programs in gymnastics & dance, and everything in between.

At Airborne, we help children grow into happy, healthy, productive adults.

What We Do

  • We believe children learn life lessons through sport and art, and everyday we strive to make Airborne the best place for children to grow and develop new skills. Airborne has been serving Longmont families for 30 years. We are thrilled to be welcoming back former students as parents and teaching a new generation!
  • We live in a world of great diversity – gender, age, culture, sexual orientation, abilities, skills, experience, values, hopes, fears, and dreams. In human diversity, we see strength. With an approach to diversity and inclusion that is rooted in listening, learning, and acting, we not only create a culture of belonging, but our differences will drive innovation and empower ALL of us to reach our full potential. This directly aligns with our mission, and our commitment to our core values is unwavering.
    • All employees, students, parents, and families are welcomed and valued at Airborne.
    • All people will be treated with respect and kindness. Empathy is not earned, it is given.
    • Employees will model inclusion, and be the change we wish to see in the world
  • We teach parents of our youngest students the importance of movement for brain development, and use an Educational Gymnastics curriculum to help maximize learning! We build our school age students’ confidence and character by teaching a growth mindset. Children may think they only learn cartwheels or leaps, but they are also learning that it’s OK to fail, fall, and keep trying until they find success. What an important life skill!
  • We believe communities are strengthened when children grow into happy, healthy, productive adults. Airborne students learn how to work outside their comfort zone, grow after failures, understand and emotionally process feedback, and value & respect all of their classmates, teachers and coaches. We all have something in common at Airborne, everyone is a part of the Airborne family.
  • Our gymnastics and dance leadership staff bring a passion for child development and pride themselves in upholding a high standard in teaching methods. They have numerous certifications and awards but measure their success based on the success and life lessons learned by their students.
  • Regardless of their chosen activity, your children will not only love their time here, they will also develop a love for physical activity while learning skills needed to be a happy successful adult.

For our older students, Airborne has drawn influence and inspiration from different child development experts to become the best youth development center in Colorado.

Our Sweet Pea Educational Gymnastics program provides professional gymnastics instruction for children six months to six years. Gymnastics helps children grow and develop. It helps builds their muscles, their confidence and most of all, their brains. The Sweet Pea program takes all that is wonderful about gymnastics and incorporates educational opportunities such as memory activities, sequencing, spatial relations, counting, color recognition, alphabet recognition, pattern recognition and more! Learning and fun go together in the Sweet Pea program!

Dr. Robyn Silverman: Internationally acclaimed Child and Adolescent Development Specialist, Robyn J. A. Silverman, PhD. developed a comprehensive character development curriculum called Powerful Words. Powerful Words provides easy-to-follow lessons for children ages 4- 7, 7 ½ -13 years as well as lessons for teens—lessons that give each student the strength to explore and the foundation to succeed. We have embraced the Powerful Words Program and added this to our gymnastics & dance lesson plans.

Read More About Powerful Words

Dr. Carol Dweck: A professor of psychology at Stanford University, Dr. Dweck has thoroughly researched the concept of “Growth Mindset” and how its implementation has lifelong impacts on success, motivation, and happiness.

“If parents want to give their children a gift, the best thing they can do is to teach their children to love challenges, be intrigued by mistakes, enjoy effort, and keep on learning. That way, their children don’t have to be slaves of praise. They will have a lifelong way to build and repair their own confidence.”

Dr. Carol Dweck

Read Dr. Dweck’s book “Mindset” or check out the website BigLifeJournal.com for awesome growth mindset resources for all ages.