Sweet Peas

We teach parents of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers the importance of movement for optimal brain development.


Sweet Pea Baby & Toddler

Our Parent/Tot gymnastics program is designed, first and foremost, to be a fun and safe learning experience for your child. We also teach basic gymnastics movements paralleling the motor skill charts your pediatrician uses to assess normal development, incorporating many creative activities into the lesson plans. Your child will stay happily engaged in the class, while getting the necessary repetitions to consolidate new neural pathways to help them get stronger, move faster, and solve problems using a variety of strategies! Your role as a parent in these classes is to actively assist your child and the teacher. Your attention will be focused on your child 100% of the time. With our assistance, you will guide your child through gymnastics circuits, applaud their successes, and provide hands-on support- “spotting”- as necessary.

Wee Peas are given opportunities to move, reach, and grasp in a baby safe environment that is rich with color, sound and tactile experiences. Wee Peas learn to recognize their name in class and react in identifying themselves to the teacher. Wee Peas enjoy activities that promote visual tracking, core strength and balance needed for sitting and standing. One Peas are ready to move! With their newly developing upright mobility (and sometimes a mix of both eagerness and hesitation), One Peas love to explore! One Peas are beginning to understand words and ideas. Two- year olds are AMAZING! Two Peas are gaining independence! The Two Peas program is designed to capitalize on the rapidly improving physical, cognitive and language development of two-year olds. The Two Pea curriculum offers opportunities for gross motor skill development with whole body activities in developmentally appropriate circuits. Three year olds are getting so close to being independent in classes, but still learn more when they have a grown up helping out. Three Peas are gaining increased motor development, eye hand coordination and fine motor skills! Three Peas are also quickly assimilating language and are able to understand and independently follow basic instructions in gymnastics class. Three peas learn to stand in line alone and listen directly to their teacher!

Summer 2023 Schedule

One Peas & Walking

Saturday 9:00-9:30 or 12:20-12:50


2 Peas

Wednesday 5:00-5:45

Friday 5:00-5:45

Saturday 9:40-10:25

3 Peas

Wednesday 5:55-6:40

Friday 6:00-6:45

Saturday 10:35-11:20 or 11:30-12:15


Spring 2023 Schedule

Wee Peas Baby Gymnastics

Taking Waitlist

One Peas & Walking

Wednesday 10:30

Thursday 9:00

Saturday 9:30

2 Peas

Wednesday 9:30

Friday 9:15

Saturday 10:15 or 11:35

3 Peas

Monday 10:05

Wednesday 9:30

Friday 10:05

Saturday 11:15 or 12:05

Class For Ages 4-6

Sweet Pea for Preschoolers through First Grade

Time for class with only their coach and new friends! Grown ups can hang out in the observation areas or return at the end of class. Four Peas’ increasing coordination makes them faster and more deliberate. Their increasing strength makes them able to perform many new gymnastics skills. Their cognitive development is growing by leaps and bounds and they are able to interpret and remember learning objectives. Four Peas can recognize and name many letters & numbers. They can count in unison and repeat simple stories and sequences. Our Five Peas are ready to test their skills! Five-year olds have reached physical and developmental milestones that allow them to progress rapidly. With longer limbs, more refined coordination and stronger language skills, Five Peas can run faster, climb higher and hold longer! Five Peas are increasingly capable of predicting and successfully completing known circuits and are given opportunities to independently navigate an active learning circuit. Five Peas love showing off and are encouraged to try new skills, improve their form and do it again.

Sweet Stars is a class specially designed for students in first grade. A hybrid between the Educational Gymnastics Sweet Pea program and our classic gymnastics GymStar program, students learn gymnastics (and more!) with the Sweet Pea fun and imagination, but with the technical training of GymStars! After a year in SweetStars, most students are ready to skip GymStar 1 and head straight for GymStar 2.

Summer 2023 Schedule

Sweet Pea 4

Monday 5:10-5:55

Tuesday 5:00-5:45 or 5:55-6:40

Wednesday 5:00-5:45

Saturday 10:05-10:50


Sweet Pea 5

Monday 6:05-7:00

Tuesday 5:10-6:05

Wednesday 5:55-6:50

Saturday 11:00-11:55

Sweet Stars

Monday 5:15-6:10

Wednesday 5:00-5:55

Saturday 9:00-9:55


Spring 2023 Schedule

Sweet Pea 4

Tuesday 4:00 or 6:00

Wednesday 12:45

Thursday 4:00 or 4:55

Friday 11:00

Saturday 10:05

Sweet Pea 5

Monday 4:10 or 5:20

Tuesday 4:55

Thursday 5:50

Saturday 11:00

Sweet Stars

Monday 4:00

Tuesday 4:10

Wednesday 5:20

Thursday 5:15

Saturday 9:00