Winter Break Camps

Camp For Ages 4-12

Ninja Camps

8:30 – 12:00 • Friday, Dec 22nd; Wed, Dec 27 – Friday, Dec 29; Tuesday, Jan 2 – Friday, Jan 5th
Jump, run, flip, and climb! This camp is for boys and girls who want to get their ninja on. A fusion of obstacle training, gymnastics, martial arts, and freestyle movement. It’s a great time for your kiddo to burn energy, learn skills, and have FUN! We’ll round out the day with snack time and group games.

Camp For Ages 4-12

Gymnastics Camps

8:30 – Noon • Friday, Dec 22nd; Wed, Dec 27 – Friday, Dec 29; Tuesday, Jan 2 – Friday, Jan 5th
Geared toward kids who want to do a lot of gymnastics! Students will hit all of the gymnastics events- vault, bars, beam, and floor- plus spend extra time running, jumping, and FLIPPING! We round out the day with rock climbing, snack time and group games.

Camp For Ages 4-12

Theme Camps

1:00-4:30 Lunch bunch available from 12:00-1:00

Campers will be fully engrossed in the daily theme, with unique rotations to keep kids excited and engaged! Instead of a physical focus – like completing Ninja circuits or learning a cartwheel – theme campers will have a creative and play-based experience during their different rotations around the gym. There is also a craft based on the daily theme.

Grinch Camp

Friday, Dec 22nd

Come join the fun of the holiday season at Airborne! Slide down from the top of Mount Crumpet to join the festivities of the Whos! Dance with jing-tinglers tied onto your heels, slang sloo-slunckers and whack who-hunkers, join a game of zoo-zitter-car-zay a playful type of lacrosse and croquet! And then creep down the chimney and slither a lot, steal the last can of who-hash without getting caught! Games, crafts, and plenty of cheer – plenty to do as the holidays near!!!

Winter Wonderland Camp

Wednesday, Dec 27th

Snow ball fights, building snowmen, and all things wintery!  We will be relishing in the season and filling our day with joy, crafts, and plenty of winter-themed games!  Be ready to make an igloo and hide from the giant monster, and go “ice skating” on the pond.  Winter is wonderful at Airborne!

MineCraft Camp

Thursday, Dec 28th

Come and enter the world of Minecraft at Airborne!  Campers will be building structures, escaping creepers, and creating worlds of their very own.  Just like the game but in real life, we will focus on the elements of engineering, physics, and mining!  Whether you love the game or you’ve never played before, this afternoon will be full of activities every camper will enjoy!

Star Wars Camp

Friday, Dec 29th

The Force will be strong in all who come to Airborne! We will add Jedi acrobatics and light saber techniques to all things SPACE! This is a camp that combines educational, social, and physical training. Children will learn about the wonders of the solar system, while being active participants in a group setting while working on everything from physical challenges to problem solving.

Lego Camp

Tuesday, Jan 2nd

All Master Builders are needed at Airborne! Bring both imagination and skill, inventiveness and logic, fun and perseverance! In addition to life size building blocks (also known as mats) we will be making actual LEGO creations! No prior building experience needed, we can bring out the builder in everyone! Beware of the Kragle, we can’t afford to get stuck – we have way too many games planned for the day!

Harry Potter Camp

Wednesday, Jan 3rd

The wizarding world of Harry Potter is a magical place and a highlight camp every year!  The day starts by boarding the Hogwarts Express, and then the sorting hat will put you into your  house for the  day!  There is so much to play and so much to explore – your young wizard will be creative & active all afternoon.

Secret Agents Camp

Thursday, Jan 4th

A lot goes into being a top secret agent, future spies can start their training today! Sleuth and slide your way through the mat maze without getting caught, learn window escapes and ninja rolls! Write in invisible ink and pass along secret messages. The Beehive will be transformed into an Escape Room – solve the clues with new friends to earn your golden coin. All you need is a little imagination and a lot of energy to start your journey becoming a top Secret Agent!

Animal Planet Camp

Friday, Jan 5th

Let the animals come and play in our gym instead of your house!  Monkeys, kangaroos, crabs, and flying squirrels will be taking over the bars, beams and trampolines!  Bring your muscles and your imagination and the day will fly by.

General Camp Information

  • All Ninja, Gymnastics and Theme camps are half day!  Sign up for morning and afternoon camps to make a day of it!
  • Ages 4-12-Campers will be grouped by age and ability.
  • Camp prices:  $57 per half-day camp.
  • You can sign up through the Parent Login on our home page, or stop by the front desk! Parent Portal Log In
  • Make sure to pack a snack and a water bottle for your camper.  If you stay for the full day, pack a lunch and our camp staff will supervise lunchtime!
  • Students should wear gymnastics attire and bring socks for the trampolines.
  • All students must have an account set up through our parent portal and current policies agreed to by a parent or legal guardian.
  • School Year Camp Cancellation/Refund Policy: You must let us know a full week (seven days) before the camp begins to receive a refund. Cancellations with less than one week notice prior to camp, i.e. camper illness: You must let us know, via email or phone message, a minimum of one hour prior to start of camp, to receive a credit on your Airborne account for future use and the credit must be used within one year. If we receive notice with less than one hour prior to the start of camp, there will be no credit given.