Winter Games

Winter Games 2024!

January 27th & 28th

Airborne Gymnastics will be hosting an Olympic style event for our Sweet Stars, GymStars, T&T, Jr. Ninjas, and Ninja White and Yellow students! Each student will be learning a routine to showcase the skills they have been learning in class. These skills are based on the current evaluations in the students specific program. Signing up for the Winter Games is a great way for your family to recognize your gymnasts hard work, and for them to show off their skills while working toward advancing.  It also teaches our students what a gymnastics meet feels like.

At the Winter Games, gymnasts and Ninja athletes will not be given a score but will receive a ribbon with a silver or gold mark from “the judge”. They will receive a ribbon for each event.  At the end of the meet each child will receive a medal and a commemorative T-shirt.

We are very excited for this annual event and hope that you can join us!

When: Saturday, January 27th & Sunday, January 28th

  • Session 1, January 27th, 2:00 PM: Sweet Stars and GymStars 1 & 2
  • Session 2, January 27th, 4:15 PM: GymStars 1-3
  • Session 3, January 28th, 9:00 AM: T&T 1-4
  • Session 4, January 28th, 11:30 AM: Jr. Ninjas, Ninja White & Ninja Yellow

Cost: $60 per student participant and Free to Spectators

Winter Games Clinic: Saturday, January 13th

  • Clinic #1, 1:15 PM: GymStar 2 and T&T 1-4
  • Clinic #2, 2:45 PM: Sweet Stars and Gymstars 1 & 3.
  • The clinic add-on price is 15!

Registration deadline is January 12th-don’t miss out!